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I am interested in the connection between mind and body, altered states of consciousness, and the impact of violence on our lives. I am a Reiki master, and have written and spoken on healing after tragic loss.

The questions that inform my writing now are these:
What lasts, what matters most?
How do we connect with one another and the natural world?
How can we touch the Divine?
Denise Brown

Freelance writer and author of the memoir, The Unspeakable.

I am a writer, cook, artist, and lover of trees and dogs and crows and antique things (including my house) living in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I earned degrees in English Literature from the University of Delaware, where I overdosed on the Metaphysical and Romantic poets. 

As a freelancer, I've published columns and articles on food and family life in a number of newspapers and small magazines in New England. I'm an adjunct instructor at Lyndon State College, and a recipient of an Emerging Artist Award in Fiction from the Delaware State Arts Council.